Summer Camps 2021

Are full!

June 21 – August 27

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Spring Break Camp 2021

March 22-26

9-11:30am | Ages 5-9
12-4pm | Ages 9-15



Baby Bounce

Parent/Child Class

Weekly Classes

Classes are currently full! See below for schedule.

Summer Camp Schedule

Summer Camp Schedule

June 21-August 27 (9 weeks)

Email to be added to the waitlist!

Week 1: June 21-25

9-11:30am | Ages 5-9, All Levels | $200 Full!

12-4pm | Ages 9-15, Advanced | $320 (pre-approval required) Full!

Week 2: June 28-July 2

9am-2pm | Ages 5-9, All Levels | $400 Full!

Week 3: July 5-9 

9am-11:30am | Ages 8-13, Intermediate | $200 (pre-approval required) Full!

12-4pm | Ages 9-15, All Levels | $320 Full!

Week 4: July 12-16

9am-2pm | Ages 8-13, Intermediate | $400 (pre-approval required) Full!

Week 5: July 19-23

9am-11:30am | Ages 8-13, Intermediate | $200 (pre-approval required) Full!

12-4pm | Ages 9-15, Advanced | $320 (pre-approval required) Full!

Week 6: July 26-30

9am-2pm | Ages 5-9, All Levels | $400 Full!

Week 7: Aug 9-13

9am-11:30am | Ages 5-9, All Levels | $200 Full!

12-4pm | Ages 9-15, All Levels | $320 Full!

Week 8: Aug 16-20

9am-2pm | Ages 9-15, Advanced | $400 (pre-approval required) Full!

Week 9: Aug 23-27

9am-11:30am | Ages 5-9, All Levels | $200 Full!

12-4pm | Ages 8-13, Intermediate | $320 (pre-approval required) Full!

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Summer Camp Skills Test


Summer Camps are now organized by age and level. If you are new to Trampoline Town, please sign up for an All Levels camp. Please only sign up for an Intermediate or Advanced class if you’ve received approval from your instructor. Contact Tia@Trampoline.Town if you’re not sure what camp is best for your child.

Intermediate Skills Test:


  • Confident with climbing at least ½ way up.
  • Foot lock *from the ground into: Candy Cane, Stag, Hip Lean
  • Upside Down straddle hold for 5 seconds.
  • From the knot: Star


  • Confidently sit and stand on their own, and make their way down to feet safely. 
  • Familiar with: side hang, catcher’s hang, basket hang, skydiver, big tuck.


  • Swivel hips
  • Seat-table-tummy
  • Back drop (mat OK)
  • Peanut roll (mat OK)

Advanced Skills Test:


  • Climb to the top, split descent
  • Foot lock *from a climb into: Candy Cane, Stag, Hip Lean
  • Catcher’s Hang
  • From the knot: Jellyfish drop


  • Straddle on the Ropes
  • Hammer, Flag, Mermaid
  • Ankle Hang
  • Knee Hang


  • Swivel hips x 4
  • Seat-tummy-seat
  • Back drop 
  • Peanut roll
2021/2022 Schedule

2021/2022 Schedule


Winter Term 2021

February 8-March 19 (6 weeks)


Spring Break Camp 2021

March 22-26 Full!
(no regularly scheduled classes)


Spring Term 2021

March 29-June 11 (11 weeks)  *10 weeks for Monday classes Full!


Summer Camps 2021

June 21-August 27 (9 weeks) Full!


Fall Term 2021

Sept 7-Nov 19 (11 weeks)  *10 weeks for Monday classes 


Thanksgiving Break Camp 2021

November 22-24


December Mini-Term 2021

Nov 29-Dec 17 (3 weeks) 


Winter Break Camp 2021

December 27-31


Winter Term 2022

Jan 3-March 18 (11 weeks)


Spring Break Camp 2022

March 21-25


Spring Term 2022

March 28-June 10 (11 weeks)  *10 weeks for Monday classes 


Summer Camps 2022

June 20-August 19

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Class Information


Safety protocols for covid-19:

  • Students will be asked to arrive on time – not early! When the door to Trampoline Town opens, please wait in the designated areas on the path to the front door. There will be no waiting inside before class starts.
  • Each student will have a no-touch temperature taken as they enter the space. Students with elevated temperatures will be asked not to participate. 
  • Parents and siblings should not enter Trampoline Town. The fewer people inside the building, the better. 
  • Students should wear a face mask during class. If you do not have one, we are happy to provide one.
  • Students must wash hands upon arrival, regularly throughout the day, and before they leave.
  • Equipment and surfaces will be sanitized in between each group of students.
  • Windows will be open during class, and fans will be utilized to maximize air flow. Our HVAC will be running throughout class to bring fresh air into the space. The 12′ garage door, which is essentially the entire south wall of Trampoline Town, will remain open during all camps and classes.
  • All efforts will be made to maintain physical distance of 6′ or greater between students within Trampoline Town.
  • PARENTS & GUARDIANS: If your child has been exposed to COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to camp, please do not send them camp. Similarly, if anyone in your child’s household has had an illness with fever or cough in the 10 days prior to camp, please do not send them to camp. If your child becomes ill during the middle of a camp week, please let us know so we can take appropriate actions!

What to wear:

  • Students should wear comfortable clothing like leotards, leggings, footless tights, and fitted shirts that allow freedom of movement. Covering knees and armpits is highly recommended for aerial and trampoline.
  • Please don’t wear baggy clothing that can come up over your head- we’ll be upside down a lot!
  • Please do not wear jewelry, jeans, belts or watches during class.
  • Hair should be pulled back securely.

Trampoline Town Rules:

  • Only students with signed waivers are allowed to participate in a Trampoline Town class.
  • Recklessness and horseplay are not allowed.
  • Do not attempt an unknown skill without help from your instructor.
  • Respect yourself and others. Listen to your body.
  • Only one person on the trampoline at a time.
  • No food or drink allowed on the floor.
  • No gum is allowed while taking class.
  • All cell phones must be stored away and left alone during class.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in or around the building.

Come jump with us!

8130 SW 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97219


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